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Model: WiFi Radio IR-168

If you need a radio that can receive your hometown stations while you are in another place, this is the radio you need. To use this radio is simple, just a high speed internet connection is good enough, Cable Model, DSL ,T1, Fiber or any access to the internet, wired or wirelessly.  You can use Ether net cable RJ45 to connect to the internet, or use a wireless access, the wireless access point is called WiFi, so you can connect this radio easily without any subscription. See the back of the radio and you will understand  what this radio can do.


You may want o hear the stereo sound from this wood cabinet , yes, we have an optional speaker that you can connect it to this receiver that makes this unit a stereo sound system.

 The remote control makes it easier to change station from  a distance.

Over 3,000 stations from USA and over 400 stations from China, so you may stream in most possible station from both countries. And of course it does bring in thousands stations from Europe and other continentals.

 This radio is built in a SD card reader that can play back the MP3 music via the high quality wood cabinet. Click Here To Order

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